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SAR-Worksheet-2009-06-25  SAR Membership Worksheet

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The SAR is a “lineage” society. This means that each member has traced their family tree back to a point of having an ancestor who supported the cause of American Independence during the years 1774-1783.   Membership is open to any man eighteen years or over, who is a lineal descendant of an ancestor whose lineage can be proven and supported with the required documentation.

Acceptable Revolutionary War Service for Membership in the SAR:  

 A Signer of The Declaration of Independence; military or naval service; Participation in the Battle of Point Pleasant (October 10, 1774); Service from April 19, 1775 to November 26, 1783 inclusive; Patriotic service by men or women during the Revolutionary War period, including members of committees made necessary by the war, such as Committees of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety; committees to care for soldier’s families, including committees from six months before the Battle of Point Pleasant which furthered the cause of the colonies, such as signing the Oath of Fidelity and Support, Oath of Allegiance, Articles of Association, or the Association Test; members of the Continental Congresses;Furnishing a substitute for military service; Signers of Mecklinburg Declaration 1775; Albemarle and Virginia Declaration; and similar Declarations; Signers of petitions addressed to and recognizing the authority of the provisional and new state governments, persons accepting obligations or acting under direction of the provisional and new state governments such as persons directed to hold elections, to oversee road construction, to collect provisions, etc; Members of the Boston Tea Party; Kaskaski Campaign; Galvez Expedition; Cherokee Expedition; Edenton Tea Party; Defenders of forts and frontiers, rangers; rendering material aid such as furnishing supplies to the cause of independence.

…. to be continued … ;

If you are interested in further information please feel free to contact us on the link below.  If you would like to have a look at an application for an idea of what is required for membership click the pdf link below.

EMAIL: sarpitregistrar@gmail.com

OR send us a message below in the Reply box.

pdficonSAR Worksheet

pdficonSAR Application




  1. Barbara Haas says:

    Hello, my son is interested in SAR. I have my DAR certificate. Does he need to fill out the entire application for SAR?
    Thank you,
    Barbara Haas

  2. Jason Kosior says:


    I haven’t seen a letter for 2016 dues yet, I thought they came in August but I could be wrong. Let me know,


    Jason D. Kosior
    1001 Fieldstone Drive
    Tarentum, Pa 15084

  3. Hello!
    Schuyler Wickes
    Cell: 610.212.4301

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Schuyler
    Date: October 30, 2015 at 11:19:05 AM EDT
    To: lcstorer@centurylink.com
    Subject: Fwd: Sons of the Revolution

    Mr Storer,

    Our organization, The Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution (SR), is a group of men who can definitively trace their ancestors back to those that “served” in the Revolution. If someone in our membership had referenced your ancestors in their application to become a member of our Society, then we’d have details about them. However, in looking back through our membership records (which go back to 1888), and also checking our General (National) Society database, unfortunately nobody has used any of your ancestors to qualify them for membership in our society. Therefore we cannot shed any light on them for you.

    What I might suggest is that you reach out to the PA Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), which is a similar organization to ours, and has their own distinct membership. One of their members might be a descendent of you ancestor, and they would then have paperwork detailing their birth and death. Their website is http://www.passar.org/

    Good luck with your endeavor.

    Schuyler Wickes
    Cell: 610.212.4301


    Latty Storer

    Phone Number:
    404 561 0562

    I’m Having difficulty finding more information on my ancestors that lived in Elizabeth Pa. Thomas Storer (b1725) and wife Elizabeth (Bragg or Foremen) came from Monmouth County NJ to Allegheney County PA. They lived and died and probably buried on their farm there HE MAY HAVE SERVED IN THE RW around Monmouth and probably lived first in Freehold or Upper Freehold Twnshp NJ. It appears that two of his sons did serve. One under Capt. John? Covenhoven’s Militia. I don’t remember who the other one served under. Don’t remember exactly when they arrived in PA. The sons sold the farm and migrated to Ohio, down the Ohio River from Mckeesport PA to around Portsmouth Ohio on a raft, and settled near Belfast Ohio. His father (Thomas b. 1700) probably did not come over from England? I don’t know where they first settled or when, where they landed in America. I did find some Thomas’ in English r ecords (1700 and 1725). That’s all I can come up with for now. Would like some help. I would like to come to PA to check them out. Probably will Join PSSR, etc. but limited funds. I do have a niece that has been tryimg to verify their service in ordere to join DAR but she hasn’t provided much inf (that agrees with mine). Thanks

  4. Ted says:

    Good evening,
    I have finished compiling my application /geneology and would like to take the next step in submitting my application. When convenient, please advise as to the next steps.
    Thank you!

  5. Don Whitacre says:

    I am interested in joining my cousin of the same paternal grandfather in membership primarily because I believe in the importance of preserving our national heritage. Documentation concerning the Whitacre family lineage stemming from Loudon County VA is not a problem and I have sent the State Registrar a message pertaining to my interest. I understand that I would be required to have two sponsors. I would be interested in learning more about what I will need to do obtain membership.
    Don Whitacre

  6. Scott D. "dok" Mathews says:

    According to the Pennsylvania Historical Commission’s PA Veterans Burial Cards:
    Johannes Beitzel [12/14/1755-4/23/1826] severed in the 1st Battalion, York County Militia on 4/11/1778 under Col. James Thompson.
    Via other data:
    Johannes had a daughter who married Henry Hockenbrock;
    Henry Hockenbrock had a son Daniel;
    Daniel Hockenbrock had a son George;
    George Hockenbrock had a son Jacob;
    Jacob Hockenbrock had a daughter Ruth;
    Ruth Hockenbrock married Glenn Smith and had a daughter H. Janice;
    H. Janice Smith married Matthew Mathews and had a son Scott
    Janice is my mother.

    Via this lineage, my contention is that I am a direct decendant of a Revolutionary War Soldier. As such, I should be elidgeble for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. The question is now how to proceed to properly document this case. From clips on various shows, it seems that the Sons of the American Revolution have an extensive library of records to assist in compiling the needed documentation.

    Please advise.


    Scott “dok” Mathews

  7. Blair Bogdan says:

    I have some completed some lineage research and feel I could be a candidate for membership but would like to talk to an existing member. could some0ne please contact me? Thanks!

  8. Calvin R. Harvey says:

    Gentlemen, A lifelong resident of the Pittsburgh area, I never considered the SAR until recently. Please let me know if this might qualify for membership (I understand that proper documentation will be required): my great grandfather was Wiiliam Harvey of Clinton Township, Butler County. (His father was Patrick Harvey the first permanent settler of Clinton Township.). William married Matgaret Jane Harbison. Margaret’s grandfather was John Harbison who fought with General St. Clair in the Indian Wars in 1790-91. His wife was Massey Harbison. Massey’s capture and subsequent escape in 1791 by a band of Indians is told in detail in her book, in Flood Tides Along the Allegheny and in other works. Massey’s father was Edward White, a Revolutionary Soldier who fought in a number of battles in northern New Jersey and in the New York area. This information is set forth in the Harvey family genealogy published in 2003 and in Massey Harbison’s book first published in 1825. Please let me have your thoughts whether this background may qualify for membership. Thanks, Calvin R. harvey

  9. Brian Brown says:

    Good Evening,

    I have been working on my family tree for almost a decade and recently uncovered that my 5th Great-Grandfather Obadiah Holmes fought as a Frontier Ranger during the Revolution. Since my immediate connection is through a female descendent, I lack some of the documental proof. Would you be able to offer suggestions or tips on how to obtain such proof? My fourth Great-Grandmother was Mary Holmes and is listed as such on the death certificate of my 3rd Great-Grandmother Harriet Stoddard. I recently went through the process of having my DNA tested which further showed a direct link to Obadiah Holmes.

    I would appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer.

    Thank you,

    Brian Brown

  10. Leonard A. Whitehouse, Jr. says:

    My maternal grandmother, ELIZABETH LEOLA WAUGHTER was a member of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the DAR. She was admitted on the basis of her lineage back to President Andrew Jackson and other patriots. Can I use her membership as a foundation for my application to join? Thanks for your assistance.

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